Located LLC leverages local knowledge and the best hard earned experience to help our clients move forward




One the things missing from relocation services is the personal touch.  The care for people after their initial arrival that goes beyond the logistics of moving.  This is where we come in and how we add value every step of the way.

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Motivating a team, finding a sales bottle neck, optimizing processes, and thinking outside the box for a marketing push can be challenging if you don't have the resources in place.  



When you are on your own and trying to figure out you next step, it can seem like a you have an impossible task in front of you.  Being laid off, starting a new venture, or trying to figure out what you do next, we'll not only help you get there, but help you plan to get there

Business and Personal Help when moving to the Bay Area


Moving to the bay is difficult, but with Located, you'll have a partner to help you through all the challenges.  Whether you are looking for help getting your new startup off the ground, or you need advice on where to go for the best lunch in SOMA, we're here to help.  We also partner with local universities like UCSF to help their international students found housing.


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Located LLC offers a variety of services to help make the adjustment to life in the Bay Area pleasurable.  

We offer support and help finding homes and office space for our clients.  We work with every level of client, from luxury living, to quieter suburban environments for families.  We also partner with local colleges and universities to help find housing for their international students.  

Fresh Perspective, Delivered


Trying to figure out how to scale your business?  Are you having trouble scaling your sales activities or want help with attracting your clients? 

Is there a struggle with running your teams?  Do directs miss deadlines, or fail to report?  Are there toxic personalities that are killing productivity?

We provide the very best insight into how to push you business to the next level.


Focus, Grit, and a Plan, Delivered


Have you hit a plateau in your personal development?  Do you want to get a pet project off the ground and accelerate your growth?  

Are you a person or a business?  Do you need help getting started, or are you trying to figure out your next move?  Or do you want to grow and just not sure how to get to the next stage?  

Regardless of where you want to go, and what you want to do, we can help.  We've the knowledge and experience that will help create actionable steps so you can live the live you dream about.