Founded upon the idea that we all need help sometimes...


We created Located originally as the founders had both participated in study abroad programs as students.  We both realized that our trips and studies would not have been successful without the generosity and time of our host families, friends, and other resources that helped us every step of the way.


While that is great as a student, as an adult there seems to be less help, and less advice, so we wanted to create an organization that would create a framework to help people, personally and professional.  We started as a relocation company, and have grown into a coaching and consulting company.



Our Team

The Best and Brightest

Bryan J. Jcaop

Bryan J. Jacop

Bryan has extensive international business and teaching experience, and fluency in the Japanese language. He has worked for several Japanese companies, balancing initiatives to expand business in the U.S. and Europe with local market concerns. Clients consistently seek Bryan out for his candor and direct approach to solving problems. His main areas of focus are strategy, marketing, management and business operations, in the media and entertainment space.

Bryan also works extensively with early stage startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping them bring products to market and start generating revenue. He has a proven track record of getting startups from launch to above $5 million in ARR. Bryan also excels at helping clients reduce churn and improve customer retention, in both B2B and B2C environments.

Bryan serves as a board member for the Japan Society of Northern California. He is also a certified personal development coach.

Kanako Jacop.jpeg


Kanako Sakai Jacop started her career as international HR at Mazda Headquarters in Japan. After she moved to San Francisco, she worked for Blue Field Strategies, tech consulting firm, as Office Manager and Researcher. She founded Located LLC with Bryan and focuses on supporting clients through their relocation process She has a bachelor degree from Tsuda College in Tokyo.

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Ray Salloom


Kihlon Golden is a Quality Assurance professional with experience in the many aspect of the drug manufacturing process.  His experience is in both biologics and small molecules, clinical and commercial manufacturing, and the US and EU markets.  Kihlon has worked on every part of the drug manufacturing process from starting materials for drug substance all the way through packaging and labeling.  Additionally, he has direct experience of material control including temperature, transportation and storage.  Lastly, he has all of the expected skills of QA operations including, training, SOP development, batch record review, dealing with deviation/investigation and CAPAs, change controls.

Ray Salloom

As a Stanford graduate, Ray has utilized his people skills and numerical ninja talent to become one of the more well-respected figures in the mobile and web industry. Ray works to find the best balance between what companies want to achieve using quantifying metrics, an empathetic mediation mindset, and a driven desire for the best outcome possible for all sides.

Ray has worked extensively in the mobile world for nearly a decade, leading and executing annual seven-figure marketing campaigns, operations, and business development efforts for several well known B2C companies in the space. Before his time in mobile, Ray focused his efforts in the dot-com world, specializing in data analysis, financial modeling, and content creation and management, for two companies that launched successful IPOs.