How To Work a Booth

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  1. Give your team distinctive shirts or hoodies – You want the members of your team to be immediately recognizable where ever they are at the convention. Bright colors are a great way to stand out

  2. Make a Schedule – Schedule your booth team whenever possible. If you have a team large enough, schedule shifts in four hour stretches, and have clear expectations when they are on booth duty. Don't allow anyone to sit, eat, or drink while at the booth.

  3. Be proactive - anyone working a booth, should be making eye contact, smiling, and greeting the conference attendees. You don't need to pitch everyone that walks by, as most of the time when someone walks the exhibit floor, they are looking to meet the companies there, so greeting people that walk by is a great way to start the conversation

  4. Have unique swag – all booths at conventions will have some form of swag that they are giving away. Offer a toy, or something helpful at your booth. USB splitters, yo-yos, or bottle openers, anything unique that people will find useful at a convention. It will sometimes drive more people to your booth to have some more conversations.

  5. Be bold with your booth design – There will be a lot of people all clamoring for the attention of attendees. Don’t count on the awesomeness of your product to guarantee people will come to your booth. Bright colors are the easiest and most cost effective way to achieve that. TV screens showing looping demos of your product are another great tactic, but assume no one will be able to hear the audio, conventions are very loud. A unique game or challenge with special giveaway for participating is another great way to get a lot of traffic.

  6. Have a business card and pen ready – Give your cards out to everyone, and try to get as many back as you can. Use the pen to take notes on any thing that will help you follow up with after the convention.

  7. Make a point to use a prospect's name – Nothing is more impressive to a convention attendee than remembering their name when you see them later on. When you first meet them, say their name three times in the conversation. That will help you remember.

  8. Close – Ask for the business at the booth! You're there to get business, and you and your team should be trying to get the business. Even if they need time to evaluate, ask to follow up the next week and note it on the card and follow up.


These tips will help you make the most out of having a booth at a convention, and the immediate follow up.  They are great ways to connect with your clients, and get new ones.  Make the most out of every opportunity.


Here’s to your success.